AC’s Narrative

4 September 2019

Inspired by Bowie [Act 3]

The following one was inspired by one of my favorite Bowie songs, Life on Mars.


Instead of the regular well-known stars, regularly known to be boring, I used symbols of the almighty dollar as extra reference to Mickey’s grown up, fat cow existence. 

Then I thought to add some history with a bunch of, uhm.. ketchup streaming down.

Just kidding, it’s blood! Well, paint actually, representing blood. Plug it up, Carrie!


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30 August 2019

Inspired by Bowie [Act 2]

This next one came to me while listening to the song Starman.


As we all know, cats have many lives. Nine since the last consensus of, I guess, schmience. So they must also have nine souls, therefore.. ‘lotta soul! Aah, now it all starts to make sense.. Or schmense, at least..


This was an easy one, maybe should have given him a working guitar..


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18 July 2019

Inspired by Bowie [Act 1]

“Why Bowie?”

Fair enough..

For a few weeks now it’s what I’ve been mostly listening to, but why?

Perhaps, in a crazy world like this, all that makes sense sometimes is a simple little thing as a cocaine drenched, androgynous, bell pepper eating British man pretending to be an alien..

Except, it’s not and I’m more confused than ever.


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15 July 2019

Hello, my name is..

Alix, I’m from Antwerp (Belgium), you can find me hanging around blockchains under the name A.C. Stencil Art, peddling my wares for crypto. This is my trusted sidekick Minos [a.k.a. King Minos, a.k.a. King of Cuteness, a.k.a. The Lit Cat King, a.k.a. The Crypto Cat,..], the sweetest, most social Siamese that will ever have its existence contemplated. […]

I recently started to rebuild my art studio [and life] in a new location, following some tough years after a fire [from a neighbor’s kitchen] destroyed literally everything I owned except the clothes I was wearing [minus shoes]. 20 paintings were lost, some took a full month to make [often 16h/day], as well as numerous sketchbooks, 300+ books, countless analog photos from before the digital revolution, numerous nick-nacks and several paddy whacks.. […]

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6 April 2019

‘Dolphin Girl’ Build-Up

Dolphin Girl – 2016 [40cm x 120cm]

Hi everyone, the pretty spraying part is down below.

First, behold the ugly, painstaking, unforgiving truth of stencil cutting!

Basically I start with a Photoshop design and print it to fit the canvas. Then I start cutting multiple layers of paper, taking out more and more details while moving the design to new layers. […]

After a full month of cutting, this one was finally ready for step 2: […]

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